''Omicron'' variant6 times more dangerous, find out what the symptoms are!

The new variant of the corona virus B. 1 1 529 (Omicron) is currently creating trouble for people all over the world. It appears like the globe is dealing with a new crisis. Tell you that the WHO is concerned about it and has classified it as a "Variant of Concern." Experts from all across the world, on the other hand, argue that monoclonal antbodies treatment has little effect on hazardous variations like Omicron. Many new details concerning the intensity and symptoms of this variety have also emerged thus far.

Let us know how dangerous the omicron variant?-  It is said to be six times more powerful than the delta variant, according to preliminary analysis. Let us also point out that Delta is the same variety that caused mayhem in India during the second corona wave. The cause of the third wave is currently thought to be this. The variation is also reported to evade the immune system. According to the data, omicron is more contagious than prior forms and can also negate immune responses induced by vaccination or spontaneous infection.

What are the symptoms of omicron infection?- 'I first saw its symptoms in a young person who was about 30 years old,' said Dr Angelike Koetji, who first identified the Omicron variant in South Africa, according to the BBC. He also mentioned that the patient seemed exhausted. He had pain all over his body, as well as a moderate headache. Instead of a painful throat, there was a difficulty with peeling. He didn't have a cough or any other symptoms like a loss of taste or smell. However, he has yet to make a firm statement about how the majority of people will experience symptoms. During this variant, all infected patients were claimed to be experiencing extremely minor symptoms.

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