Water suddenly released from Omkareshwar dam, dozens of people in danger
Water suddenly released from Omkareshwar dam, dozens of people in danger

Indore: A major accident was narrowly avoided on Sunday at Omkareshwar, near Indore, in Madhya Pradesh. The HHDC company that maintains the dam released water from the Omkareshwar dam at 11 a.m. Due to this, the water level of the Narmada River suddenly increased. At that time, 30 devotees who were taking baths in the river got stuck in the middle of the river. He saved his life by holding on to the rocks of the river. Later, the sailors went to rescue them. With the help of ropes, they were brought to the shore by making them sit in the boat.

Being Sunday, there was a lot of crowding in Omkareshwar. Ignoring the crowd, the company rang the hooter at 11 a.m. and released the water. People who came from other states did not know about Hooters. Due to this, he could not understand that after the sound of the hooter, the water of the dam would be released into the river. They kept bathing in the river. When suddenly the flow became strong, his life was threatened. 30 devotees were stranded in the river at Nagar Ghat. It is a matter of relief that no one drowned in the river. Within 10 minutes, the trapped persons in 8 boats were pulled out, and thus their lives could be saved. Due to this, the negligence of the police administration was also clearly visible. 6 other people started drowning at Bramhapuri Ghat as well. He was also saved by the sailors.
The eyewitness told police that the incident took place at 11 a.m. Due to less water in the river, many people go to bathe within 50–60 metres of the bank. The same happened on Sunday. After the release of the water from the dam, the water level increased. More than 30 people were trapped in the river. Save-Save was shouting. Satish Kevat, who rescued the devotees, told them that due to less water, the devotees had gone to bathe on the stones in the middle of the river. When water was released from the Omkareshwar dam, the water in the Narmada River started rising. Due to this, the devotees trapped there started panicking. The trapped individuals pleaded for help by extending their hands. At that time, the diver Laxman sent us to save them. We took the boat. Other people also reached the shore with the boat. At the same time, Ranjit said that apart from hooters, announcements should also be made on the ghats so that people coming from outside can also be careful when water is released from the dam. The company has not even installed any warning boards at the ghat.

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