Omung Kumar : "The idea of using a circus theme was my wife's"

The Bigg Boss house will once again be designed by filmmaker and set designer Omung Kumar and his wife Vanitha. Many new components have been added to this vibrant house for the 16th season of the show, which has a circus theme. Speaking to the media, Omung discussed the Bigg Boss 16 house and the processes involved in creating the fantastical setting.

The circus will be the theme for this year, my wife Vanitha basically decided last year. I didn't have a problem with the concept, and when we told the creative team that we were planning a circus-themed event, they all got very excited. Because this is literally a la la land, I also reside there. The colours are stunning.

My office is like that as well. I paint a lot of clowns, and we've used some of my own creations inside the Bigg Boss house. We have forgotten that it is a joyful, colourful place. Although the current generation hasn't seen circus, "said he.

The director of Sarabjit explained that a lot of rearranging has taken place this time, and viewers will notice a lot of changes. "This time, we completely altered the environment's dynamics. The living room has taken the place of the kitchen, and the dining table is enormous. It's coruscation. The creative team asked me to divide the bedroom into four bedrooms, which I thought was the loveliest thing. Four different bedrooms are available. Four different bedrooms are available. This time, the captain has a room that is as large as the living space. The captain's room will now be a fight to get into, he said.

He described the four bedrooms as "fire room, card room, vintage room, and a black and white room" when speaking of them. All of these are circus components. I enjoy designing for Bigg Boss because I have complete creative freedom.

Omung has remained vocal about his love of animals throughout this season. He reveals, "Animals are my favorite part, so I included them like everyone else. Horse and elephant figurines are available. As a surprise element, we have used elements. To allow the contestants to enter the Bigg Boss 16 house, we built a huge clown face. This time, in order to break up the conversations, we have included a lot of nooks and crannies."

Omung Kumar designed the restroom space to resemble the tents found in the circus's back yard while keeping the circus theme in mind "Bathroom has a tent-like feel to it. Similar to how performers in a circus would retreat and alter. Orange, white, and pink have been used. The contestants' faces will light up at the crazy mirrors that are this time in the bathroom area. By including "maut ka kuaa," we have increased the garden area's tension and added a lovely element. We've managed to get to the corner."

The production team has used 98 cameras this year so far, and the director believes that number will rise "I believe there are 98 cameras, but since the rooms are now divided, there will be more. The dynamics of the house have changed at this point. We also changed the sultani akhada area, but I won't go into details just yet. There is a jail as well, but you must wait and observe."

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