On 'Bhai Dooj,' Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Amit Shah greet the nation

On the auspicious occasion of Bhai Dooj, Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the nation. "On the auspicious occasion of Bhai Dooj, best wishes to everyone," Prime Minister Narendra Modi tweeted today.

Union Home Minister Amit Shah also expressed his best wishes on Bhai Dooj. Extending greetings Amit Shah tweeted his greetings on the auspicious occasion of Bhai Dooj, saying, "Hearty greetings to all the countrymen on the auspicious occasion of "Bhai Dooj."

New Delhi: Bhai Dooj, a festival commemorating brother-sister love, is currently being observed across the country. Sisters perform the Tika ceremony on this day to pray for their brothers' long and happy lives, and brothers give gifts to their sisters. Bhau Beej and Bhathru Dwithiya are other names for Bhaiya Dooj. Goddess Yamuna is said to have fed her brother Yamraj Kartik Dwitiya at her home, according to Hindu legend. Yama Dwitiya is the name given to this day since then.

In West Bengal, it's known as Bhai Phota, while in Maharashtra and Goa, it's known as Bhau Deej, and in Nepal, it's known as Bhai Tika and Bhai Tihar.


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