On honeymoon, husband made such a 'mistake', bride's death happened

After marriage, a couple went for honeymoon. They were both riding a golf buggy and set out for a walk on an island. The husband turned the car around to take a U-turn and it overturned and the wife lost her life. Marina Morgan, 29, had gone on a dream holiday with her husband Robbie. Because of this, his buggy overturned. Robbie himself was driving it, but nothing happened to him. His wife lost her life in this incident.

This incident is from Australia. The incident took place at Whitsande Boulevard in Hamilton Island, Queensland. Marina was rescued by a doctor, an off-duty dentist and an off-duty firefighter. They gave the woman CPR for 35 minutes, but they could not be saved. The couple, who live in Sydney, got married 10 days ago. Police Inspector Anthony Cowan said it was a very sad incident. Speaking to the media, he said that no evidence of dangerous driving or drunkenness has been found.

The police inspector further said- It seems that the incident took place due to lack of experience in driving vehicles in this way. The car was turned too hastily to take a U-turn and it overturned. Inspector Anthony said the woman was not wearing a seat belt at the time of the incident. He also said robbie had taken a U-turn, and he must have done so because the car's battery was running out and he would have to return to the charging point. Graeme McIntyre, acting director of the Queensland Ambulance Service in Mackay district, said the paramedics had arrived there within minutes. The woman had a cardiac arrest. They were given CPR for 35 minutes but they failed. Hamilton Island has issued a statement confirming the incident and conveying its condolences to the deceased woman and her friends.

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