On June 29, the Yogini Ekadashi occurs, Know the Fasting method

Jun 25 2019 10:55 PM
On June 29, the Yogini Ekadashi occurs, Know the Fasting method

In the month of Ashadha, the Krishna Paksha Ekadashi is called the Yogini Ekadashi and all sins are destroyed by the influence of this fast that liberates the liberation. In all the three worlds, this Ekadashi is given a lot of importance and the fasting of yogini Ekadashi begins on the night of Dashmi. In this fast, renounce the venomous food and follow the celibacy and sleep on the ground. At the same time, retire from bathing in the morning etc. and worship Lord Vishnu and listen to the story of the yogini Ekadashi in this fast. At the same time, it is beneficial to donate on this day and worship the peepal tree and awaken God at night. Do not bring any malice or anger to the mind and eat food on the Dodashi date after feeding the Brahman.

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Katha - The supreme devotee of Lord Shiva used to rule Kuber in Alkapuri of heaven. Every day, a gardener named Hem used to give flowers to worship God. One day Hem Mali brought flowers for worship but on the way he thought it was time to worship why not go home. At home he began to be raman with his wife. On the other hand, the time of worship was ebband and King Kuber was disturbed by the absence of flowers. The king sent the soldiers to Hem Mali's house and the soldiers caught him.

King Kuber cursed him for suffering the disconnection of the woman and going to the land of death to become leprosy. Hem Mali somehow reached the ashram of Markandeya Rishi with a leprosy-ridden body with hunger and thirst on earth. When Asked by Maharshi, he told the whole thing. Rishi Markandeya advised him to fast for the yogini Ekadashi who falls on the Krishna side of the Ashadha month. He performed this fast by law and got rid of the curse.

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