On Safer Internet Day, Tinder introduces a number of safety features

USA: Popular online dating service Tinder is launching a number of security features to help users better manage how they interact with others in honour of Safer Internet Day (SID). Users can now access new features like "Incognito Mode" and "Block Profile." Additionally, the company has updated a few of the current safety features.

Never before has the importance of online safety been greater. Every February, Safer Internet Day is held to encourage the responsible and safe use of online technology. Tinder is a dating app with inherent risks because it is used to connect strangers. The platform must be as secure as possible as a result.
Additionally, it will ease Tinder's Valentine's Day rush.

While browsing profiles on Tinder, users have complete control over who can see them thanks to Incognito Mode. It is a "step up," in the company's words, from completely hiding the profile. Members can still tap Like or Nope while using this feature, but only those they liked will appear in recommendations. However, only Tinder+, Gold, and Premium members have access to the feature.

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Another security feature that Tinder is introducing allows users to remove particular profiles from their suggested matches. Users have the option to block profiles before matching by using the feature called "Block Profile." The blocked profiles won't ever again show up in suggestions. Along with "Block Contacts," which enables users to block people based on their phone numbers, the new feature is available. It will only be accessible on Android only 

Long Press Reporting, a feature of Tinder, enables users to quickly report offensive messages or unsolicited pictures. Users can simply tap and hold the message to report it straight from the chat, as the name implies. The company anticipates that by streamlining the reporting process, users will be more inclined to report inappropriate behaviour on the platform.

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In order to identify more language that it deems harmful or inappropriate, Tinder is also updating the "Does This Bother You?" and "Are You Sure?" prompts. Users are urged to think twice before sending offensive messages by the "Are You Sure" prompt, and the "Does This Bother You?" prompt encourages them to report offensive conversations. More words, phrases, and emojis will be covered by the features after the update.

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Along with the updates, Tinder is also starting a campaign called Green Flags to highlight the safety precautions it takes at every stage. The start date is February 8. Together with the No More initiative, which seeks to end sexual assault and domestic violence, Tinder is introducing Healthy Dating Guidelines. The rules are intended to make it easier for people to identify relationship red flags.

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