On the influence of Woman police, prisoner commits suicide in Jail

Jun 03 2019 09:07 PM
On the influence of Woman police, prisoner commits suicide in Jail

The recent case of crime has been shocking. The case is being reported as the Satna Central Prison in Madhya Pradesh. Where cases of suicide of prisoners are being reported. Yes, a case has come out again here once again. In this case the prisoner was unrequited from the uniformed female prison sentinel (female policeman) inside the prison and was unrequited to hang out in the prison factory upon failing in love.

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Yes, last Saturday, a prisoner of the Satna Central prison named Anil Kushwaha committed suicide by hanging in a prison factory. In the wake of the incident, the District and police administration team rushed to the spot to investigate and the cause of death during the investigation was suicide, but no one was willing to tell the cause of the suicide. After that Anil wrote a susside note before death , In which the prison watchdog was told to love women and not to succeed in love.

While police have captured the Susside note, the death of the deceased kin Anil was not a simple death but a murder. In the case, the deceased's brother Raju Kushwaha said that Anil was going to be released soon. While Anil was languishing for life in the murder of his wife, Anil had been sentenced to 9 years of imprisonment and was soon to be sentenced to jail for his good conduct, but no one understands his death.

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