Hema Malini screamed seeing this contestant feat

TV's famous reality show 'Hunarbaaz- Desh Ki Shaan' is a show in which people from all over India surprise everyone with their stunts. Someone's magic and someone's dance, but this time a contestant came whose stunt witnessed Hema Malini's scream on the stage. In the show, contestant Tipu Pahalwan performed his power, which will surprise anyone.

A contestant named Tipu Pahalwan first kept a bicycle placed on a wooden stand in the air by filling the air with his mouth. This is where his strength can be gauged. In the second stunt, he placed a large slab of snow on his chest and then it was broken with a hammer. Karan Johar and Mithun Chakraborty sitting in the judge's panel are stunned to see such a strong performance. Hema Malini, who was a guest on the show, was also surprised.



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These were not the most shocking feat of Tipu Wrestler. He showed a very frightening stunt in his third stunt. The contestant Tipu wrestler lay down on the ground. Then, he drove a heavy jeep over his chest. Just think, if someone put a hand on you, then in a few seconds, you get tired, and here Tipu Wrestler ran a jeep of thousands of kilos on his chest. Seeing this stunt of the contestant, Hema Malini screamed from the stage. Karan Johar's eyes were also torn. It is difficult to trust this stunt of the contestant, but he did it. Users are also surprised to see this video.

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