It is forbidden to hug, not to love; Happy National Hug Day

Today is National Hug Day. 21st January is celebrated as National Hug Day every year to showcase their unconditional love towards each other.  It is said that hugging releases people's stress. Perhaps that is why our festivals are also witnessing a tradition of embracing and congratulating people. A song on the festival of Holi is always heard that 'Holi Ke Din Dil Khil Jate Hai, Dushman Bhi Gale Mil Jate Hai.'

We know that the world is constantly fighting the new variant of the Covid Epidemic. The worst part of Corona is that it has revealed news stories like you being too close to people or refusing to hug them. There have been many changes in the world since corona, including one.

It is forbidden to hug because of covid, but not to show love. We have come up with some messages that you can send to your close ones to express how much you love them. Because it is forbidden to hug, not to love.

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