One more Fire breaks out at Brahmapuram waste management plant

Mar 16 2019 11:55 AM
One more Fire breaks out at Brahmapuram waste management plant

Kochi: In Brahmapuram waste management plant, an enormous fire set ablaze huge amount of garbage heaps at the Brahmapuram waste management plant in Kochi, another similar incident was reported on Friday, triggering frenzy among staff at the plant. Garbage heaps, including bed sheets and plastic that was gathered after the floods, burst into fires at around 1.30pm on Friday. As indicated by officials, the fire was put out soon without much harm being caused. The fire on Friday was not as huge as the one last month occurred, which overwhelmed the entire city in smoke and took days to be completely soaked.

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The fire occurred regardless of the Kochi Corporation officials asserting that they had taken preventive measures against repetitive fire incident. Health Standing Committee Chairperson Prathiba Ansari said, “We had made fire breakers in middle of the garbage piles after last month’s incident. In any case, this fire occurred among the garbage heap of flood squander. Since the attention was on the bigger trash piles which had burst into flames before, this one was not being noticed. Perhaps, that has made this issue.”

In the meantime, while talking to media the Kochi Mayor Soumini Jain told that a test will be undertaken to determine how the flame burst out even after making security tight at the plant. “We have installed new CCTV cameras, lights and have appointed extra security staff. It is to be enquired still how the garbage heaps burst into flames”.

According to the sources in Kochi Corporation, the fire could have occurred due to the trash heaps being left dry in the summer heat. “The area at the plant where a massive fire broke out last month was frequently sprayed with water to keep fires from the searing sun. However, this part, where the garbage piles of the flood were there, was not being moistened,” This is the sixth fire that has occurred at the plant since January. The massive blaze a month ago, which went on for quite a long time, had also tossed waste collection out of gear in the city for about seven days.

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