One Team Ahead, Another Behind. On Monday, Mewat's Hindus Under Threat!

Chandigarh: The Jalabhishek Yatra of Hindus was attacked by a mob of fundamentalists on Monday (July 31, 2023) in Nuhan district of Mewat, Haryana. The whole of Noah was shaken by stone pelting, arson and firing. Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) claims that the conspiracy of this violence was being hatched for the last 6 months. At the same time, State Home Minister Anil Vij has also described this violence as a pre-planned conspiracy. Meanwhile, social media is also flooded with such posts of fundamentalists which show that the attack was planned in advance. With the help of social sites, the fanatics had already made a plan and incited others to attack Hindus by spreading the word.

Mohammad Sabir Khan came live on Facebook a few hours before the attack. In this live, he threatened the government, Monu Manesar, and Bajrang Dal by placing gas cylinders on the road. He also told the method of violence that how the journey can be attacked by exploding gas cylinders. In another post, Sabir had said that more people should be prepared than the number of people who come. Don't say anything to anyone. One team ahead of them (travelling) and one behind them. Let them be in the middle. This clearly means that the attack was being planned by forming several teams. A conspiracy of bloodshed was hatched by keeping the mob of fundamentalists from both the sides and the Hindus in the middle.

Another fundamentalist, Azhar Isab Rania, wrote on a social media post, 'I request all the residents of Mewat to drive a cart (dunfar) in Mewat on July 31 not for themselves but for the honor of Mewat.' Tell that, in Mewat itself, a DSP Surendra Singh was crushed to death by a truck. That is, the Muslim drivers in the violence were also instigated to join the conspiracy to attack Hindus.

Ehsan Adbaraya had written on Facebook threatening Hindus, “Allah hu Akbar… 31st July day is Monday to see.” In the same post, he further wrote that, 'Meo caste has been mentioned in Tarikh-e-Firozeshah Tughlaq. It has been said in this that due to the fear of Mewatis, the doors all around Delhi were closed. We are ready. In this post also, a conspiracy has been pointed out in Mewat by a mob of fundamentalists to surround and attack Hindus. The closure of the gates around Delhi was probably meant to block all escape routes and prevent any help from outside.

Arbaaz Khan Dahangal had put the video of the Hindu organization's convoy on the way to Mewat on social media. He wrote in the caption, "Nuh Mewat Nalhad Bajrang Dal hooliganism." Through this video, Arbaaz Khan was sending the location of Hindus to the fundamentalists. 

Arbaaz Khan Dahangal also threatened by posting a video of Monu Manesar, in which he wrote that Mewati Bhai will not welcome it. Forgot to weigh it. Its onion has to be split, that is, it has to be attacked. 

Not only this, after the attack, the fundamentalists had also made a plan to escape. When the police left for the spot after the violence, the same Arbaz Khan Dahangal sent a message through social media that, 'Police is coming from Gurgaon, just came to know, all brothers be careful and make peace'. That is, after committing violence, these rioters had also made a plan to present themselves as noble in front of the police. 

Everyone was also asked not to post videos and photos on social media so that their thefts do not get caught and the faces of rioters who commit violence are not visible on social media. This work is done by the one who is wrong. Junaid wrote in his post that, 'No brother should post the video on social media, whoever posted it should also delete it'. Means their plan had been successful, they had attacked, now the fanatics would not have given proof to the police by putting a video of their own violence. 

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