OnePlus 12 versus OnePlus 12R: Is the Rs. 25,000 Price Difference Worth It?
OnePlus 12 versus OnePlus 12R: Is the Rs. 25,000 Price Difference Worth It?

OnePlus has a track record of offering top-notch smartphones at affordable prices. The newly released OnePlus 12R continues this tradition by featuring last year's powerful Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 processor, starting at Rs. 39,999, the same as its predecessor, the OnePlus 11R. This has sparked discussions among tech enthusiasts about whether spending an extra Rs. 25,000 for the OnePlus 12 is worthwhile. Having spent 15 days testing both devices, let's delve into this comparison.

Design and Feel
Both the OnePlus 12 and 12R share a similar design, featuring rounded camera modules and curved edges. The beloved alert slider has been relocated to the left, and an IR blaster is included on both devices' tops. They also boast a 120Hz LTPO AMOLED display with 4500 nits peak brightness, 1600 nits High Brightness Mode (HBM), and support for Dolby Vision and HDR10+. Additionally, they both offer Gorilla Victus 2 protection on the front and Gorilla Glass 5 on the back.

While the OnePlus 12 has a slightly larger 6.82-inch display compared to the 6.78-inch display on the 12R, in practical usage, both displays provide a similarly smooth and immersive experience. Both devices feature improved IP protection, with the OnePlus 12 having IP65 protection and the 12R having IP64.

In terms of feel, the OnePlus 12R stands out for being thinner and lighter than its counterpart, with a larger 5,500mAh battery. However, its smooth glass back is more susceptible to fingerprints and smudges compared to the OnePlus 12's textured back.

Software and Storage
Both the OnePlus 12 and 12R run on the latest Android 14 OS, customized with OnePlus's OxygenOS, offering a blend of stock Android and unique features. OnePlus promises four years of OS updates and five years of security patches for the OnePlus 12, while the 12R receives three years of OS updates and four years of security patches.

The OnePlus 12 holds an edge in terms of storage and transfer speeds, featuring a faster USB 3.2 port and UFS 4.0 storage, whereas the 12R comes with USB 2.0 and UFS 3.1. Additionally, the 12R offers a maximum of 256GB storage, while the OnePlus 12 offers up to 512GB.

While the OnePlus 12 offers some advantages in display size and storage capabilities, the OnePlus 12R provides a compelling option with its similar features at a more affordable price point. The decision ultimately depends on individual preferences and budget considerations.

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