OnePlus 7 Pro review published: best camera in brand history

May 15 2019 04:38 PM
OnePlus 7 Pro review published: best camera in brand history

OnePlus 7 Pro received the main camera of the three modules - the usual 48 megapixel, 16 megapixel wide-angle and 8 megapixel long-focus. An additional camera allows you to zoom in on the image due to optics three times, and the main camera has received optical stabilization. The company did a good job with the camera in the new flagship.

The smartphone received 111 points in the DxOMark test. It was in second place after the Huawei P30 Proand Samsung Galaxy S10 5G, which received only one point more.

First of all, experts estimated the color rendition - the smartphone shows the exact picture even in sunny weather. At the same time in OnePlus 7 Pro debugged the balance between the transfer of the texture of objects and noise reduction, in this regard, the smartphone was one of the best.

Also, the smartphone appreciated the software blur of the background - the so-called bokeh. OnePlus learned to accurately determine the silhouette of people and separate it from the background, so that the result seemed natural, like on a camera with a large sensor.

In the case of a zoom lens, there are comments. It works great at close and medium frustration, but at a great distance from the subject of shooting, the image quality is lost - this is manifested in noise and reduced detail.

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