OnePlusbmade a phone that could see across clothes

Often smartphones have many features that users don't know. Sometimes the company has received information about such hidden or special features (Hidden Features) through different news. One such dangerous feature has been added to the phone by a company. People were shocked when they came to know about it. The phone had added a feature that could even see across clothes. However, the company has later withdrawn these features. Let's know what the whole case was.

OnePlus did this: Reports say that OnePlus launched Oneplus 8Pro smartphone about 1 year ago. At that time, the company has accidentally added a camera through which the user will be able to see across the clothes. However, the company did not deliberately add this feature. It was accidentally linked to the company, but it spread like fire and most users have come to know about it.

This is how the work was used: Oneplus 8 Pro smartphones for which separate cameras (Camera) were not being given. Rather it was due to a camera filter (Camera Filter) present in the smartphone.  According to reports, the smartphone had a filter called Photo Chrome that could be accessed across clothes. This was revealed by some YouTubers amid reviews of this.

This smartphone cannot be seen completely across clothes. The expert had said that with the help of this smartphone, only partially across clothes could be seen. It will only be able to see across very thin clothes.

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