Onions are beneficial for everything from nose and ears to joint pain

Onions are an ingredient without which any dish is incomplete. Onions are something that has great benefits of eating. Now today we are going to tell you 10 benefits of eating onions.

10 Benefits of Onion-

1. If you have ringworm, applying onion juice relieves irritation and pain.

2. When blood comes from the nose, two or three drops of onion juice stop bleeding.
3. It is said that eating raw onions does not cause heat in summer.
4. Very few people know that adding onion juice to mustard oil can be beneficial if there is joint pain.
5.  Putting a few drops of onion juice in the ear relieves earache.
6. It is said that eating equal amounts of onion juice and honey helps in relieving cold, cough and fever.
7. Eating onions help in gastric syndrome and constipation.  It works as a stomach cleaner.
8. They are also beneficial for skin and hair. Adding pyas juice to olive oil and applying it on the face relieves pimples.
9. Onion is extremely effective in case of pain in the period. Eating raw onions before the period begins reduces pain.
10. Onions are also used for headaches. Adding one teaspoon of onion juice and sugar to three teaspoons of water will provide relief.

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