Onion prices surge up to ₹200 a kg at markets in Bengaluru
Onion prices surge up to ₹200 a kg at markets in Bengaluru

Bangalore: There is no sign of onion prices coming down. Onion prices continue to rise. In Bangalore, onion prices reached Rs 200 per kg on Saturday. On Saturday, an official told that onion prices are increasing due to short supply in the market.

State Agricultural Marketing Officer Siddangaiya has told news agency IANS that, 'Onion prices have reached Rs 200 per kg in some retail shops in Bangalore. Its wholesale rate is Rs 5,500 to Rs 14,000 per quintal. ' After the rising prices, the most commonly used onion in the kitchen is now disappearing from people's plate. According to Siddangaiya, onion prices are skyrocketing and onion scarcity is expected to remain till mid-January.

India needs 150 lakh metric tonnes of onions annually. 20.19 lakh metric tons of onion is produced in Karnataka. If we see the loss after production and harvesting, about 50 percent of the onion has been destroyed this year. In November, 60-70 quintal onions were received in the markets of Karnataka in one day, which came down to 50 percent in December. A crisis has arisen due to this.

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