Onion-tomato prices gain fire, know what are the prices today!
Onion-tomato prices gain fire, know what are the prices today!

New Delhi: Onion and tomato prices still remain at an altitude of 60 to 70 rupees a kg in retail markets of the country's capital. According to trade data, prices of both onion and tomato have reached Rs 70 a kg depending on quality and location. According to data from the Ministry of Consumer Affairs, the retail price of onion in National Capital Region NCR) is Rs 55 per kg and tomato is Rs 53 per kg.

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The government has increased the supply of these two products through the successful shops of Mother Dairy, Cooperative Nafed and NCCF, but even then the prices of onion and tomato have remained at the height of the last one month. To give relief to consumers, onions are being sold at Rs 23.90 per kg at 400 successful shops. At the same time, tomatoes are being sold at a price of Rs 55 a kg. The government is providing onions from its 'buffer stock'. The prices of these two vegetables have increased due to heavy rainfall in the main producing states Maharashtra and Karnataka, affecting supply.

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An official of the Ministry of Consumer Affairs has said that onion and tomato prices will come down in the coming days due to the arrival of summer i.e. new Kharif crop. The official has said that supplies in North India have been affected. The situation will improve in the next ten days and the prices will be slightly lower.

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