Online cyber fraud rises upto 28% in CORONA period

Jun 11 2021 09:37 AM
Online cyber fraud rises upto 28% in CORONA period

Mumbai: Fraud is taking place very fast during the coronal period. In fact, at the moment, health and finance as well as a variety of new problems have arisen. One of these problems is online cyber fraud, which is now on the rise. Let me tell you that with the increase in the trend of digital transactions in the country during coronal period, cases of fraud in such transactions have also increased by 28 per cent. Some media reports have revealed that cyber fraud incidents cost the country nearly 25,000 crore rupees last year.

In addition, Delhi suffered the highest loss of 6-7,000 crore rupees due to cyber fraud in the country last financial year. Let me also tell you that Mumbai (5-6 thousand crores) and Gujarat are among them. On the other hand, a report by global information company Transunion has revealed the same information. According to some reports, cyber frauds have been the highest in intelligence-based business transactions. You must be aware that the logistics sector is the worst hit in India. In fact, digital fraud has increased by 22.4% in this sector.

According to a report by information services company Xperian, the business world saw 46 per cent more cyber fraud challenge during the COVID19 epidemic in India. As part of the information received, cyber fraud has increased the most in the logistics and telecom sector. In fact, fraud in the logistics sector has increased by 22.4 per cent, while in the telecom sector, fraud has increased by 200 per cent. At the same time, frauds in financial services have increased by 90 per cent, manufacturing by 20 per cent and corporateby 15 per cent.

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