Only couples can bathe in this pool

Married couples always look for places that are very romantic to travel. There are many couples who love to wander in religious places. Today we are going to tell you about a kund (pool) about which there is a saying that if husband and wife bathe together here then the problems between the two will be solved. The name of this kund is Bhadaiya Kund. It is in Shivpuri.

The Kund is present in Shivpuri in Madhya Pradesh, known as Bhadaiya Kund. To see this waterfall and to bathe in it, people not only from the entire country but also from abroad came here. The people here say that whoever bathes in this kund never separate.

That is why many pairs come every year to bathe in this kund. This place is also very beautiful to see, where you can bathe and also make your weekend.

If you come to bathe in this kund, your fun can be doubled. In the rainy season, the water of this kund becomes even more pure. Not only young couples but also elderly couples to bathe in this kund.

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