Onsite Medical Room Can Save Lives: Overview by Ziqitza Healthcare Limited

On-site Medical Rooms are a great way to control the overall organization's healthcare costs. It’s the first point of response in case of emergency providing preventive care and treatment to employees at their place of employment, thus increasing their attendance at work and is also beneficial for decreasing the number of off-site, health-related, patient care visits. 

Ziqitza Healthcare Limited, as an Emergency Service Provider for the last 17 years believe that employees are an integral part of any organisation and CHRO in leaves no stone unturned in ensuring their safety. They believe that the employees are an asset to an organization and their well being plays a key role in organizational productivity. Today they have taken multiple innovative steps to ensure their health needs are taken care by them. In recent times many corporates have approached Ziqitza Limited to support them in this meaningful endeavour by partnering on corporate health solutions like doctor on call or ambulance on site of setting up medical rooms in their offices/resorts/warehouses/manufacturing plants.

Among these solutions setting up a medical room within the premises of organizations has become acute post-pandemic when everyone is looking at medical safety be it home, office, society complex or place of leisure knowing that they are safe wherever they go.

Dr Santosh Datar Medical Director, Ziqitza Healthcare Ltd, says Research has shown that many patients with severe injury or heart attack or any other life-threatening medical conditions die within the first hour. Hence this is called the “Golden Hour.” It is important that the patient reaches an appropriate advanced health care facility within this hour. A timely intervention by a trained first aider or a qualified health care worker may save a life, relieve pain, minimize complications and minimize subsequent disabilities.

Ziqitza has expertise in setting up and maintaining a medical room in your campus be it corporate, residential societies, malls or hotels with all mandatory medical equipment like a patient-examination bed, emergency equipment like oxygen supply, IV etc. & restorative and pharmacy supplies. They are managed by a trained medical team of Nurse/ Paramedics and Doctors ensuring immediate help to patients onsite.

Along with a medical room, Ziqitza healthcare provides onsite consultation with a Doctor, Dietitian or Physiotherapist at work, which helps in an early and accurate diagnosis to focus on preventive care. Employees can also avail Travel Advisory and Vaccination Programs along with Medical and Non-Medical Sessions with Lifestyle Management Programs. Our Wellness Activities under this are tailored to Health Risk and WHO Wellness Calendar. Ziqitza Rajasthan has served many corporates with medical room facilities in the past.

Key Functions of a medical room are as follows:

· First aid and initial management of injuries and medical illnesses.

· Basic medical check-ups and investigations e.g., blood pressure, blood sugar.

· Dispensing of medicines (only under medical supervision).

· Health education sessions for staff on various topics such as basic first aid, lifestyle diseases and infectious diseases by way of lectures, poster displays, exhibitions, medical camps etc.

· Regular inspection and replenishing of stock in the ambulance if available at the workplace.

Speaking about the importance of the Medical Room, Mr Nandadeep Pandharkar – Sr. Vice President, Ziqitza Healthcare Limited said “Statistics suggest that at least 52,000 people die due to occupational accidents on a yearly basis in India. Simple steps like ensuring a ready medical room facility onsite with professional medical practitioners can help save lives and bring the number of occupation-related deaths down drastically. The availability of a well-equipped ambulance on the premises adds value to medical emergency care.

About Ziqitza Health Care Limited:-

Ziqitza is a “one-stop integrated healthcare solution” for a corporate or government that includes Ambulance at Site, Medical Helplines, Mobile Medical units Ambulance on Subscription, Wellness at Workplace, Telehealth Services, Medical Rooms, Doctors on Site and Occupational Health Centre, among others. ZHL Rajasthan & Ziqitza limited Rajasthan appreciated Ziqitza for sharing awareness in the medical room. Anyone can avail of the service by mailing at contactus@zhl.in. The Expert team will contact back and customise the service requirement as per the client’s needs.

For more details email- visakh.dayanandan@zhl.in

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