6 Irritating things men do in oral sex

Apr 05 2018 04:03 PM
6 Irritating things men do in oral sex

Oral sex is a really amazing thing during sex. But at times certain things can make you hate it. It is really annoying how your partner behaves during oral sex. While performing sex it is essential to know each other's preferences. So if your partner is doing something with the above-mentioned things, feel free to tell him.

Orgasm without warning
This is one of the most immature things your partner could do during oral sex. It is really important to warn her before going down on her. It’s not cool to be taken by surprise like that, not to mention so disgusting.

Push your head down
Pushing a woman’s head down roughly while she’s performing oral sex is rude. We try really hard not to gag and throw up, and shoving a foreign object down our throat is not as easy as it looks.

Maintain complete silence
Maintaining radio silence while you’re giving your guy a blow job can be so confusing. We know that it is really amazing but at least make some noise to let us know you’ve not fallen asleep up there.

Expect you to swallow
Swallowing your liquid is a personal decision and no one can demand it of you if you don’t want to do it.

Refuse to return the favour
Oral sex is a two-way process. So if your guy refuses to go down on you or says he doesn’t like it, you need to have ‘the talk’ and make yourself clear.

Give too many instructions
A few instructions here and there are fine. Women don't mind a little guidance. But acting like they don't know a thing is just rude. They know a bit about what they're doing so stop guiding them too much.

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