From good sleep to eliminating dandruff, orange peels are excellent

People in India love to eat oranges and here this fruit is eaten with fondness. In fact, it has a sour-sweet taste that attracts everyone towards it. Along with this, the vitamin C, calcium and folate present in it are beneficial for health. By the way, we eat its inner fruit, but we throw the peel in the dustbin. By the way, there are many benefits of its peel, which we are going to tell you about today.

Good for skin- Orange peel is no less than a boon for our skin. Yes, and if your skin is oily, it is no less than medicine. Not only this but mix its powder in honey and prepare a paste and apply it to the face. By doing this, the glow will come on the face and the stains will also go away.

Sleep - If you do not get good sleep, then for this, put orange peel in water and gargle and then drink it.

Immunity Boost- Orange peels have anti-inflammatory properties that work to boost immunity. Yes and for this, you can eat the orange peel by washing it in warm water.

Hair conditioner - In today's time people apply chemical-rich conditioners, but you can also make the peel a conditioner. For this, dry the orange peel and make a powder, then mix the city in it and apply it on the head. After washing for a while, the hair will become shiny.

Dandruff finish - For this, dry the orange peel and prepare the powder and mix the coconut oil in it. Now put this mixture in the hair.

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