After 75 years of independence, banking service started in this village

Bhubaneswar: Banking (Customer Service Centre) facility started after 75 years of independence in a Gram Panchayat in Sambalpur, Odisha. The introduction of a banking facility in panchayat will provide relief to about 5,000 people in six villages. Earlier, villagers had to travel miles to another village to deposit or withdraw money at the customer service center.

This story is about Kud Gunderpur Island under the Dhankoda block of Sambalpur district, surrounded by Mahanadi. The customer service center has been open in the panchayat after a long wait of 75 years for villagers who have been deprived of banking facilities in the village for centuries. Utkal Gramin Bank's Customer Service Centre has been opened by Odisha livelihood mission with the help of district administration. On the other hand, pregnant women faced a lot of problems withdrawing money due to the lack of banking facilities on Gunderpur island. Farmers had to look after another village to deposit the crop money in the bank through a boat.

Zone Development Officer Basant Hati has said that the residents of Kud Gunderpur Diwp (village) and Panchayat were dependent on Gosla, Burla, and other villages to get the first banking facility. During this time, the panchayat residents had to travel miles. Due to which sometimes the customer had to return when they could not reach it on time. The opening of a customer service center in Panchyat on the island has put an end to the years-long problem. Six villages with a population of about 4,000 will get the highest benefit from the banking facilities.

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