Osho Guru Purnima special: The word Guru is divided into two parts: “Gu” & “Ru”

Jul 25 2018 12:01 PM
Osho Guru Purnima special: The word Guru is divided into two parts: “Gu” & “Ru”

 The significance of Guru Purnima 
The day of full moon,in Hindi Purnima, in the month of Ashadh (July) is customarily celebrated as Guru Purnima. Bringing out magnificently the essence of Guru Purnima, OSHO says that a spiritual leader is like the moon that does not have any light of its own but draws the energy and light from the supreme soul. Nothing like full moon nights of other months the moon in the month of Ashadh is surrounded by clouds, as is a guru surrounded by His pupils.
The pupil is ever grateful to his Guru, but Guru Purnima is the day that is celebrated as an expression of this gratitude.
Here is the spiritual journey of Osho
1. Osho is a contemporary enlightened spiritualist, visionary and a revolutionary. He formed over six hundred techniques of meditation. These scientifically designed techniques give a free rein to a powerful and joyous dynamism between body-mind. These techniques create an effortless and spontaneous backdrop for meditation.
2. Born in the small city of Kuchwada in India in 1931, Osho attained enlightenment at the age of twenty-one on 21st March 1953. Osho commenced his spiritual journey in the early Seventies .In recent times he attracted the attention of seekers from all around the world. 
3. Thousands of young people flocked to the exotic ashram in Pune on the occasion of Osho Guru Purnima Celebration 2018, India to meditate in his presence. 
4. Later in 1981, Osho travelled to America, where he established his spiritual group home, Rajneeshpuram. During 1985-1986 Osho also made a world tour and travelled to 21 different countries including Nepal. 
5. Osho shared a love affair with the mountains and picks of Himalayas. 
6. Celebrating Guru Purnima Day on Sunday, Jul 29th  There various active & passive meditations throughout the day will be held.
                      According to Osho The word Guru is divided into two parts: “Gu” & “Ru” , originating from the Sanskrit language. The Word “Gu” signifies darkness and “Ru” signifies the one who removes the darkness who called Guru.

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