'Our village is with Yogi Adityanath, people from other parties should not come and waste time..',

Lucknow: After the announcement of the dates of the Uttar Pradesh Assembly elections, all political parties have joined the campaigning and digital campaigning. Many leaders are also changing. Amidst all this, which party's equations will finally fit into the political riots of UP and it will reach the pinnacle of power, it will be decided by the people of the state. Although there are many kinds of speculations about the answer to this question, but the exact answer will be found only after the counting of votes.

But amidst this election stir, many such things are seen, which are spontaneously in the headlines. One of them is a poster in Lakhan village of Hapur district of the state. The poster is in support of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP). In this poster, candidates of any other party except the BJP have been advised not to waste time by coming to the village, as they have already declared their support to Yogi Adityanath.

According to media reports, the poster reads, "Our village lakhan is with Yogi Adityanath ji. Don't waste your time here by coming to another party's candidate. This poster has been put up on every road and intersection of the village. So that the candidates coming for the election campaign should see it and do not come to the village and waste their time and theirs, anyone's time. According to the information, his poster also seems to be benefiting, as the villagers say that after putting up this poster, no candidate of any other party has come to their village.

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