Outbreak of nature in the world, disasters came in these forms

Dec 08 2019 10:14 AM
Outbreak of nature in the world, disasters came in these forms

New Delhi: Due to the increasing floods, earthquakes, and the disasters, including cyclones, these types of natural disasters have wreaked havoc on the earth this year. The adverse effects of the natural processes of the earth show its outbreak in the form of natural disasters. These outbreaks come in the form of disasters such as volcanic eruptions, tsunami earthquakes, cyclonic storms, floods, landslides, forest fires. All the countries of the world fall in the grip of some natural disaster every year. These natural disasters are caused by earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanic eruptions, landslides, cyclone forests, fire, drought etc.

According to information received from the sources, this year it was found that the beauty of the city of Venice was submerged in flood waters this year along with most of the states of India, neighboring country of Pakistan, Iran and most of China. The flood caused a lot of destruction this year. In July this year, life was disturbed by the floods caused by heavy rains in various areas of Pakistan. After 1966, 70 percent of Venice's historic building was submerged in the floods caused by the Hightide and an emergency was imposed.

If we talk about the sources, then the beginning of the holidays in America was hit by the bomb cyclone. On the very first day of Thanksgiving week, there was so much snow and rain that a thick layer of snow froze on the roads. Bulbul, a cyclone that rises in the Bay of Bengal, is the seventh largest cyclone in the Indian Ocean. Before this came Cyclones like Maha, Phani, Vayu, Kyar. Here, let us tell you that Cyclone in the Indian Ocean has Iran, Pakistan and Bangladesh in its north, Malay Peninsula in the east, Sunda Island of Indonesia and Australia in the east, Antarctica in the south and Africa and Arabian Peninsula in the west. Its southwestern portion connects to the Atlantic Ocean. Landslide incidents occurred in many countries of the world. Along with the mountainous regions of India, countries such as Myanmar, Nepal, Kenya, many incidents of landslide occurred this year.

Conference on Climate Change COP25: It is being said that COP25 was held in Madrid, Spain to discuss various ways to deal with the threats from climate change. Different countries of the world are worried about the rising temperature on the earth. 196 countries of the world are participating in this conference. Starting from 2 December, this conference will run till 13 December. The conference was inaugurated by Antonio Guterres, the Secretary-General of the United Nations.

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