Bangladesh: Garland of shoes was worn to a Hindu teacher, police just kept watching!

Dhaka: People are angry after the principal of Mirzapur United College in Narail Sadar sub-district in Bangladesh was taken away wearing a garland of shoes. Yes and this incident is being told of June 17. The most surprising thing in this case is that the police remained a spectator. In fact, under the information received about this matter, a student of this college had posted a picture of BJP leader Nupur Sharma on Facebook and the next day some Muslim students in the college asked her to delete the post. At the same time, a rumour spread that the principal had taken the student's side and due to this, angry Muslim students set the motorcycles of two teachers on fire.

Not only this but after this, Muslim students and local people put a garland of shoes around the neck of Principal Swapan Kumar Vishwas and dragged him far, accusing him of insulting the religion. Even after seeing all this, the police did nothing and kept watching the spectacle. On the other hand, this incident has gone viral on Facebook and a rally has been called in Dhaka's Shahbagh tomorrow i.e. Monday afternoon to protest against this incident. In this case one of the organizers of the rally, Rabin Ahsan said- 'Teachers have no role in that incident. The police remained a mute spectator. The administration has come into the hands of fundamentalists.'

In this case playwright Zulfikar Chanchal says that 'the only fault of Principal Vishwas is that he had called the police against the student who posted the picture of Nupur Sharma. The protesting Muslim students were demanding that he be punished on the spot. The principal is not in touch with anyone after this incident.'

It is feared that he has left his house due to panic. On the other hand, OC Mohd Shaukat Kabir of Narail Sadar Police Station says that - "The principal did not insult any religion. He was taken by the police to save him that day. He didn't do any mistakes. That's why No case has been registered against him. If he asks for security, he will be provided security."

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