Over the past 3 months, the UN provided $3.13 million in cash assistance to Afghanistan

The United Nation has provided Afghanistan $3.13 million in monetary assistance in the last three months, according to the country's central bank. "The Afghan Bank appreciates UN humanitarian help to Afghanistan and begs for further support and collaboration," Saber Momand, the central bank's spokesperson, said.

Meanwhile, some economists believe that this aid will help to alleviate poverty in the country, despite the ongoing humanitarian crisis. "Afghanistan needs substantial assistance in order to strengthen our infrastructure, such as production, manufacturing, and agriculture," stated economist Seyar Quraishi. "We can tackle the liquidity problem, establish monetary stability, and regulate the currency rate with international financial support," said Shakir Yaqoubi, another economist.

Meanwhile, the Taliban administration has urged the international community to provide help to Afghanistan. "The beginning of official engagement, as well as the increase of diverse interactions, especially commercial and economic interactions, can salvage Afghanistan from its current economic crisis," stated Taliban deputy spokesperson Inamullah Samangani. Nearly $10 billion in Afghan assets were blocked in US institutions after the previous government fell in August last year, and international help to the country was stopped off.

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