Do you eat too much food, know the disadvantages!

Sep 12 2019 06:48 PM
Do you eat too much food, know the disadvantages!

Many times you eat more food in fun, or if you have a favorite food, then it comes in to eat more. But eating more is also harmful to you. If you do not know about it, then know that so that you do not eat too much. According to experts, eating more than once does not make much difference. But if this becomes your habit then it can harm your body. Know about it.

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* Fast Heartbeat 
If you continue to eat even after filling your stomach, then a lot of signals will start going to your brain, until you stop eating. Meanwhile, the signal will reach the heart to increase blood flow to the stomach, so that food can be digested. Increased heart rate will increase metabolism, which will make you feel hot and sweaty. This can also make you dizzy.

* Make you lethargic
You feel tired after eating too much, you just feel like lying down. In such a situation, the intestine sends signals to the brain that the body needs rest. Blood insulin level also increases, which also causes lethargy.

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* Stomach problems
When the body starts breaking down food, a lot of gas is produced in the intestines. It makes you feel through farting, belching and stomach ache due to gas. Sometimes there is also a burning sensation in the chest when you have more oil in your food.

* Increases weight
There is a hormone called leptin in our body, which is formed after eating. This hormone envelops (binds) the brain receptor, it tells you how much energy is in the body and how much is needed. If you eat more then this hormone will be more, which is directly related to your fat. If this happens continuously then the body starts stopping leptin, due to which the brain is unable to identify whether your stomach is full or not, then you start eating more and your obesity increases.

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How to avoid
You have to exercise to stay fit. This causes extra calorie burn. It is not necessary that you go to the gym and do heavy exercise, you can walk, cycling, swimming or dance. Apart from this, try to chew food slowly and eat it. By eating slowly, you will enjoy eating.

Also, your digestion will also be correct, it will be able to send the correct information to your brain about how full your stomach is. If you start eating more due to stress, then it is possible that you have a problem of depression. In such a situation, contact the doctor. Your mental state also affects your physical condition.

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