Jordan is a civil and human rights contributor to The Advocate and HuffPost. He is also the founder of Jordan Music Entertainment. In an interview with Shane and Dr. Rick, they spoke about how their French bulldog Izzy became a viral social media sensation and why they wanted to write a book with Izzy to encourage everyone to wear a mask. However, with their perseverance, they made the writing of the book possible as well as successful.

Considerable work by Jordan Music Entertainment     

Jordan Music Entertainment is in itself a huge success. Each one of the dynamic performers working in the company can bring excitement to one's wedding day and keep their guests energized and on the dance floor all night.  Jordan Music Entertainment is a music agency that features talented artists performing on the latest hits from various music genres, such as big band, classic rock, country, oldies, Top 40, R&B/soul, pop, and swing. The band's lead male singer effortlessly MCs the entire event, ensuring a seamless flow, while the team's band N'Demand can make people and their guests on the dance floor enjoying all night. Planning a special event can be a daunting task, but JME guides its clientele in its choices to create a custom music package that's unique to the event. The band also offers various music options for ceremony and cocktail hours.

Izzy - a famous bulldog

Izzy the Frenchie is a French bulldog. Her popularity began when her parents uploaded a bathing video of hers when she was just 5-weeks old. Shane Jordan and Dr. Rick Hendrix created an Instagram page to share her adventures with family and friends. Her Instagram account has over 900,000 followers. The bathing video became an immediate viral sensation with over 12 million views within 24 hours. Izzy's video got nearly half a billion views through multiple shares on social media platforms. She has featured in People's '21 Adorable Instagrams in 2017'. Izzy the Frenchie has her Facebook and Twitter pages as well. Izzy has attended several events like the DC Pride and PetCon, where people from all over the world greeted her.

'Wear the Damn Mask'

'Wear the Damn Mask' is a book written by Rick Hendrix and Shane Jordan and is now available in all the stores. Everyone has heard President Joe Biden asking to wear a mask. Through this book, Izzy, an Instagram star followed by millions, encourages people to do the same.

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