'Sitharaman lease your house to me for 99 years?' Why Chidambaram asked FM

New Delhi: Veteran Congress leader and former Finance Minister P Chidambaram has questioned the central government's monetization policy and alleged that the government is running a closing down sale. Chidambaram has also targeted Union Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman. State that the Central Government has prepared a National Monetisation Scheme (NMP) worth Rs 6 lakh crore. This includes roads, railways, stadiums, stations, and airports.

Resources will be mobilized and properties will be developed involving private companies in these infrastructure areas. I.e. they will be leased out in a way. During a press conference in Mumbai on the issue, Chidambaram said that if the Finance Minister wants, she can lease one of her houses to me for 99 years, if she wants, she should keep the documents with her. Chidambaram further said that this monetization is a closing down sale.

Hitting out at the Central government, Congress leader Chidambaram said, "I don't think this (NDA) government will come to power for the third time, so this closing down sale is going on. We are not opposed to personalization, but we are definitely against this secret sale in the name of monetization.''

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