Pain during Sex: Possibilities why you feel sore during sex

May 07 2019 11:58 PM
Pain during Sex: Possibilities why you feel sore during sex

Lack of lubrication

When a woman stars ageing she reaches the age of menopause. Once she reaches the age of menopause, there are high chances of lubrication getting diminished. The vaginal tissues are so delicate that if not lubricated it may lead to painful, swollen and itchy vaginal area. If lack of lubrication is the reason behind feeling sore after sex, it may take several hours to come back to normal.


You should never ignore STD because it may be one of the causes why you are feeling sore after sex. Herpes can lead to cause of genital warts in and around your vagina which leads to pain during sex. Make sure you consult your doctor as soon as possible and also seek medication early.

Lack of stimulation

When it comes to sex, men and woman are different and their behaviour differs from each other on bed. When it comes to man, they need only 5 minutes to get completely stimulated whereas for woman she may need somewhere around 15-20 minutes to get completely stimulated and get ready for further intercourse. Getting completely stimulated can make you ready for sex.


There are many diseases that can make you feel sore after sex. Certain diseases like constipation, bowel syndrome, tumors, inflammatory disease and endometriosis. If you are suffering from any of these diseases there are chances of feeling sore after sex.

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Vaginal hygiene

You should always maintain vaginal hygiene and keep them clean as much as possible. You should make sure that there is no vaginal infection or disorders. Use an anti bacterial soap that helps to keep your private areas clean as well as away from infection.

Vaginal hygiene

There can be various reasons for allergies during sex. You should always use protection while you are having intercourse. Some women are allergic to semen and if you find you are allergic to it, make sure you avoid getting in touch with it anyway. Also there are various artificial toys and protection in the market that can lead to allergies.

Sore throats

While engaging in sex you may be breathing more heavily than you usually do and you may be doing it with your mouth open. Developing a sore throat could be from this change in breathing which could create a dry mouth. This will lead to sore throat.

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