''Our biggest problem is we don't have enough money to run our country'': Pak PM Imran

Islamabad: Pak PM Imran Khan has admitted at an event on Tuesday that Pakistan's position during his tenure has deteriorated drastically. Imran said the government does not have the money to run the country and therefore has to borrow from other countries. The Pak PM said the increasing foreign debt and reduction in tax collection has become a national security issue somewhere and the government does not have enough resources to invest money in the welfare of the people.

According to media reports, Imran Khan was in Islamabad because of the opening ceremony of the Federal Board of Revenue's first track and trace system. Imran said in his address that "Our biggest problem is that we don't have enough money to run our country, which is why we have to take a loan. He regretted that the culture of non-payment of taxes is a legacy of colonial times when people did not like to pay taxes because they thought their money was not being spent on them.

However, one of the points to note about Pakistan battling Kangali is that Pakistan sends weapons and drugs by drone to India day in and day out from across the border, as well as firing in violation of the ceasefire on LoC. When PAK is suffering poverty, he should desist from his nefarious acts and work for the people instead of nurturing terrorists.

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