Pak PM Shehbaz orders early resolution of energy crisis

ISLAMABAD: As public complaints about load shedding increased throughout the nation, Pakistani Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif ordered an early restart of the electricity generation from the plant's shutdown owing to different administrative and technical issues.

He instructed the power division to provide a report on load shedding's causes, potential solutions, and government-to-date responses by Sunday, as per reports. As he presided over a high-level conference in Lahore, Sharif said, "The power plants, which are not currently in operation, must be activated with immediate effect in a bid to cease load-shedding and provide relief to the public at large."

The lack of energy has caused load shedding in the majority of the country for several hours.  Due to a system overload, people have been experiencing load shedding for five to twelve hours both on a forced, unannounced, and scheduled basis throughout the country, the report add.

Other regions under the service authority of up to 1,000 high loss feeders have also noticed the forced load-shedding for the next few hours.

Official sources claim that the shortage is rapidly growing as a result of decreased hydropower generation and a lack of sufficient regasified liquefied natural gas (RLNG) intended for the operation of multiple thermal power facilities.

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