Muslim woman burned Quran, Ashoka got accused, radicals reached to do 'Sar Tan Se Juda'

Islamabad: Pakistan, which became a Muslim country after separating from India in 1947, has become so radical that it has become difficult for non-Muslims to live there. There are reports of atrocities on minorities (Hindu-Sikhs) every day. After knowing the latest case that has come to light, you will also be compelled to think about whether anyone can do this. In fact, demand is being made to 'behead' a Hindu youth in Hyderabad, Pakistan by accusing him of insulting the Quran. A video of the incident is also going viral, in which hundreds of fanatics standing outside the house of a Hindu youth are raising slogans of 'Sar Tan Se Juda.' This mob is demanding to kill the youth by entering his house and asking the police to hand over the Hindu youth to the mob.


According to media reports, the Hindu youth has been identified as Ashok Kumar. She is working as a sweeper at Rabia Center in Sadar, Hyderabad. Police have registered a case against Ashok under section 295B of the blasphemy law. The complainant is Bilal Abbasi, who runs a shop. It is Abbasi who has given a complaint to the police that the sweeper Ashok has disrespected the Quran. After this, the police went to his house to arrest the sweeper, but then hundreds of people gathered on the streets. These people demanded that Ashok be handed over to them. The crowd was also raising slogans of 'Sir Tan Se Juda'.


In Hyderabad, as the situation deteriorated, police resorted to baton charges and tear gas to control the crowd. However, the crowd of fundamentalists continued to demand Ashoka's beheading even after dispersing. After this, the police arrested Ashok. It is being told that in fact a copy of the Quran was burnt by a Muslim woman, and Ashok had no role in it. But,  Bilal Abbasi had no prior enmity with the Hindu sweeper. For this reason, Abbasi put Ashok's life and his entire family in danger by making serious allegations like blasphemy.

One way to oppress minorities in Pakistan is to accuse them of blasphemy. Then it is up to the fundamentalists what they do to minorities. Some are brutally killed on the road, while some people are sentenced to death by the judge despite going to court. A think tank like the Centre for Research and Secretaries Studies shows that 1,415 blasphemy cases have been registered in Pakistan since 1947. Of these, 18 women and 71 men were sentenced to death by law. However, the actual figure may be much higher. In addition to blasphemy in Pakistan, minorities are also tortured by methods like kidnapping, rape, murder, and conversion. However, the suffering of these minorities does not reach deaf human rights organisations.  

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