Pak and Khalistan involved in Ludhiana blast... What did Punjab Police do even after alert?

Amritsar: An investigation released after the bomb blast in Ludhiana court on Thursday (December 23, 2021) has so far revealed the name of the international terror outfit Babbar Khalsa. Media reports quoted intelligence sources as saying that the attack was carried out by Babbar Khalsa chief Wadhwa Singh with the help of local gangster Harwinder Singh alias Rinda Singh. Babbar Khalsa's main objective is to create a separate Khalistan for Sikhs. The organization is active in Canada, Germany, the UK and parts of India.

Talking about Harwinder, he fled India to Pakistan some time ago. There he joined gangsters who could carry out blasts in Punjab. Punjab Police and Central Agencies are now investigating the attack from several angles. Meanwhile, a report has also surfaced that Punjab police had already been alerted about any such attack. According to reports, central intelligence agencies were constantly telling the Punjab government that radicals might try to spoil the atmosphere before the Punjab elections. However, these alerts were not taken seriously by the Punjab Police and the government.

According to reports a day after the Ludhiana bomb blast, Punjab police was issued an alert on December 14 over the terror attack. The alert was sent by intelligence agencies to Punjab police ADGP. But even then, the steps taken by the Punjab Police to prevent the attack are now being questioned. According to a report, the alerting of Punjab started in July in view of the desires of Pakistan's intelligence agency ISI. The alert was first sent on July 9. After that, the police were alerted 2-3 times in December also. The alert reportedly clearly stated that Pakistan's intelligence agency ISI and Khalistani groups could target sensitive buildings and crowded areas.

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