Population of 'Hindus' reduced under conspiracy in Pakistan! Census data revealed

Islamabad: Pakistan has been outraged by the minority census and the country is once again accused of oppressing minorities. In 2017, the Pakistan Bureau of Statistics completed the sixth population and housing census under the rule of former PM Nawaz Sharif. The census data was released in May this year.

According to this data, the population of religious minorities in Pakistan has registered a decline. According to reports, these minorities are deliberately shown to be low so that their representation in the house is not strong. At the same time, some reports claim that the census has created an identity crisis and political mismanagement of minorities. According to census data for 2017, Pakistan's total population increased to more than 207.68 million, or more than 200 million. In 1998, Pakistan's population was 132.3 million, or 130 million. In twenty years, Pakistan's population has increased by 75 million, or 7.5 crores.

The census also revealed that the Muslim population in Pakistan has increased by 96.47. According to these figures, the Hindu population in Pakistan is only 1.73 percent. In this case, Karachi Supreme Court Attorney Neil Keshav has made a big claim about the Hindu population, saying that the Hindu population in Pakistan is estimated to be very large. According to the 1998 Census, the population of Hindus in Pakistan was about 2 million. But according to the new census, after 20 years, the Hindu population in Pak has grown to only 3.5 million, that is, in the last 20 years, the Hindu population in this country has increased by only 1.5 million. Even then, I want to say that the Hindu population in Pakistan is much higher than this, Neil said. He also said that the Hindu population in Pak lives in most rural areas.

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