Pak captain Babar Azam is going to 'marry' his cousin, has been accused of sexual abuse before

Islamabad: PaKistani cricket team captain Babar Azam is often in the news for some reason or the other. This time the matter is related to their wedding. He is reportedly going to get married to his cousin. Babur and his cousin's family have agreed to it. The two are said to be engaged and will get married next year.

People are reacting to the news on social media. Babar Azam has been facing serious allegations of sexual abuse. Hamza Mukhtar had made serious allegations against the Pak captain last year. He said Babur sexually abused her by cheating on her. When Hamza was pregnant, she was beaten up and suppressed. The victim had said that she and Babur used to study together in school. Both lived in a locality. Hamza had said, "One day Babar Azam proposed to me. I accepted that. Babar Azam did not start playing cricket at that time".

According to the woman, Babar Azam sexually abused her for 10 years. When she told him hat she was pregnant, Babur, along with some of his friends, had her aborted. Finally, in 2020, he refused to marry.


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