Pakistan's first astronaut praises India, said this about Chandrayaan-2

Islamabad: Space supporters and researchers from around the world are praising India's ambitious mission Chandrayaan 2. Now in this order, the new name of Pakistan's first astronaut Namira Salim has also been included. Namira Salim has congratulated Indian Space Agency ISRO and India for this mission.

Namira Saleem has said about Chandrayaan 2 that, 'I congratulate ISRO and India for the historic attempt of soft landing at Chandrayaan-2 lander Vikram's south pole of the moon.' Salim has said that Chandrayaan-2 is a matter of pride not only for South Asia but for the entire global space industry. He said that South Asia's move in the field of space is greatly appreciated.

He has said that it does not matter which country is leading it because the political boundaries in space are eliminated and all are united. Let me tell you that Namira Salim is the first astronaut of Pakistan. Salim Sir Richard Branson will go to space with Virgin Galactic. Sir Richard Branson Virgin Galactic is the world's first commercial spaceline.  ISRO has lost contact with Vikram Lander, that is why ISRO has not been able to succeed yet.

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