Debt on Pakistan has increased almost three times in Imran Khan's tenure
Debt on Pakistan has increased almost three times in Imran Khan's tenure

Islamabad: Day by day rising inflation has shaken the foundation of Pakistan, while the situation is such that the rate of inflation rising in the country has now reached 14.56 percent. Due to this, the difficulties of people are increasing every day. Talking about the past year, there has been a tremendous jump in the prices of milk, roti, naan, bread, butter, mutton, chicken, fruit and vegetables. Since Imran Khan became the Prime Minister, the people here are forced to bear the brunt of inflation, which creates a new record every day. According to experts in Pakistan, the inflation rate can touch 20 percent in the coming time. Let us also tell you here that during this decade, not only inflation but also the debt on Pakistan has increased almost three times. A funny aspect of Pakistan steeped in inflation and debt is that when Imran Khan came to power, he showed the golden dream of making the people of Pakistan a new Pakistan. But after two years, the reality of this dream is clearly visible on the faces of the people here.

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According to the official figures of Pakistan, the inflation rate (consumer price index) in December was 12.63 percent. The reason for this was believed to be the rise in prices of pulses, chicken, and vegetables. It had completely ruined the kitchen budget of the people here. At the same time, inflation rose to 13.25 percent in January. Now on a date in February, it has been recorded at 14.56 percent. Almost the same inflation rate was recorded in Pakistan during 1994–95 and 2010–11 as well.

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Imran Khan was sworn in as Prime Minister of Pakistan on 17 August 2018. Within just 8 months of becoming PM, inflation had risen from 8.21 percent to 9.41 percent, breaking the record of the last five years. At the same time, due to this, there was a tremendous increase in the prices of oil and food. Since then, inflation has been steadily increasing.

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