Pakistan making terrorists in Afghanistan against India

Islamabad: Pakistan's ISI is engaged in creating terrorists amid Afghanistan peace talks. Indian intelligence agencies have disclosed Pakistan's nefarious designs. During the Afghan peace talks, India has clearly expressed its concern over Pakistan's role in terrorism. India believes that these concerns should be addressed in the talks so that Pakistan is not able to misuse its geographical location and influence on the Taliban.

Sources said, 'Thousands of books are being distributed in Afghanistan by ISI in order to motivate Afghan people to join jihad. Books related to jihad have been distributed in Logar, Ghazni, Nangarhar provinces of Afghanistan. The book has been sent through the Afghanistan-Pakistan Torkham border.' Agencies say the book has been published by Pakistan ISI.

Sources say Pakistan wants to maintain its supremacy in peace talks and possible transfer of power in Afghanistan. For this, he is the main weapon for his terror. However, all parties to the talks, including the US, want clear confidence against terrorism from Pakistan. Pakistan's terrorists are involved in a panic not only in India but also in Afghanistan.

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