Pakistan Prime Minister praises India's foreign policy

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan said he knew India better than other politicians and expressed regret that Pakistan's relations with it were strained due to the country's "RSS ideology and the events in Kashmir."

The Pak PM lauded India's "autonomous" foreign policy, stating that no superpower has the fortitude to advise a neighbouring country to change its foreign policy. "Despite the sanctions (on Russia), they (India) insist they will import Russian oil because it is better for their people." He admitted to having the "same issue."

The prime minister went on to clarify that he was not against anyone or any country, but that he prioritised Pakistan's 220 million people before considering what other countries had to say.

"I cannot sacrifice my people for any other nation," he said, adding that this is exactly what happened when those in authority decided to include Pakistan in the US anti-terrorist campaign. "They don't respect you when you (collaborate) with them for money." "They (the United States) didn't like Pakistan and imposed sanctions," Khan remarked.

The prime minister stated that the country needed to strive to elevate its people out of poverty, which it could only do if it avoided going to war. "I want to tell my youth that they are in charge of their own destiny. You control the country's sovereignty. Democracy cannot be protected by an army or a foreign power; it must be protected by the nation. If you do not speak up against this attack on our sovereignty now, whoever comes into power will look at what the superpowers want and act accordingly."

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