Pakistan will turn into Sri Lanka if Imran is arrested, says Former Minister

ISLAMABAD: Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed, Pakistan's former Interior Minister, has warned that if former Prime Minister Imran Khan is jailed, the country will resemble Sri Lanka, which is currently experiencing its worst economic crisis.

According to media reports, Rasheed claimed that the present coalition administration had lost its orientation and was unable to handle the crisis. "The government should immediately summon Nawaz Sharif." Rasheed claimed that if Khan is detained, the PTI has already developed a strategy to deal with the issue, and that the country would be plunged into a political crisis, similar to that which occurred in Sri Lanka.

Rasheed, in a jab at the Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM), a coalition of parties that succeeded in toppling the PTI-led government through a motion of no-confidence, said Khan had become the nation's hero despite his ouster, according to reports.

Rasheed later remarked, when speaking at a rally in Faisalabad, that the country is on the verge of defaulting, and that governmental institutions should interfere. "Shehbaz Sharif, you should address the public and say whether you're going to the IMF or not," he added, adding that the country has run out of USD6 billion in less than a month.

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