Pakistani Minister's trolled on Facebook Live, Know the reason

Jun 17 2019 11:40 AM
Pakistani Minister's trolled on Facebook Live, Know the reason

Recently a photo on social media is going viral. In which a Minister from Pakistan is seen with a cat mask. In fact, during the press conference, the minister looked cat-like when the cat filter was accidentally installed on Facebook Live. Let us know the specific information in this case.

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After the incident, the Pakistani minister's photo went viral on social media and people began making a variety of comments. According to information received from a media house, pictures and videos of the cat ears and mustaches of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province's Information Minister Shaukat Yusufzai and his ministers are going viral. People have also commented heavily on these photos.

For your information, the press conferences were about the recent decisions taken by the provincial assembly, but people are getting more interested in the pictures of these ministers on the Internet because of the fact that the cat filters were mistakenly used. One user on Twitter said of Yusufzai that he looked quite cute with a cat-eared photo. which would have been a fan of them.

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