70-year-old Pakistani sets unique world record

There are many strange people in the world who are often part of the discussions. Now at this time, there is a video on social media which is of the 70's elderly man who's a Pakistani. This old man crushed 21 apples with his hand in one minute. You may be surprised to hear this, but it's true. He has crushed the apple with his hands. Their sons are also recorded breakers. In fact, we are talking about 70-year-old Pakistani Nasim Uddin who has done such a thing. By the way, no one would think of doing this feat, but Nasim thought so.

Nasim is a welder by profession and he has created a new world record by crushing 21 apples with the fingers of his hands in 1 minute. Guinness World Records (GWR) has shared a video of him on his Facebook account, which you can see here. In this video, Nasim is seen rubbing the apple like an ant at the age of 70. His son Mohammad Rashid is also a serial record-breaker and he is called the glory of Pakistan. Nasim considers the strength of his hands as a big reason behind making a world record. In fact, he had recorded this record in his name on August 22 last year, which has now been updated by the Guinness World Record.

Naseem said, "He is the holder of this record today because of the strength he has gained in his hands after working with an iron over the years." Apart from this, he says that his son Rashid has been his inspiration in this journey. Along with being a martial artist, Rashid is now on his way to scoring a century in world records. According to the reports coming out, so far he has made 70 world records in his name.

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