Pakistani tick-talker set fire to forest for short video of 15 seconds

Pakistan is facing scorching heat these days. It is as if rain of fire is falling from the sky. In many areas, the mercury has crossed 50 degrees. Due to this, a huge fire has started in the forests of Abbottabad. Meanwhile, Pakistani TikToker Humaira Asghar, who has millions of followers, has done such a thing, about which social media users have started taking classes by telling them a lot. Let us tell you that Humaira allegedly set the forest on fire to make a 15-second Tiktok video. In the viral video, he can also be seen posing in front of the burning forest. She had given the caption of the video that, 'Wherever I live, there is a fire.' Now after this video went viral, Tiktok star Humira has to face all-round criticism.

Recently, Tiktokar Humaira has also shared a video of herself in the midst of burning forests. After coming to the fore of this video, there has been a lot of ruckus in Pakistan too. People have accused Humaira of setting the forest on fire for the video. With this, the manager of Humira had to clarify in the media that this fire was not started by Humaira. Along with this, it has been said that there was nothing wrong in making videos in the midst of burning forests. However, seeing the controversy escalating, Humira has deleted this video.

At the same time, environmental activist and chairperson of Islamabad Wildlife Management Board Reena Saeed Khan has also condemned Humaira in this matter. Where it has been said about this that, 'Instead of glamorizing the fire, they should have kept a bucket of water to douse it.' Let us tell you that the police deliberately set fire to the forest to shoot a video in Abbottabad earlier this month. One person has been taken into custody on the charges of. People have also demanded action against Humaira. Reena Saeed shared that video of Humaira from her Twitter handle @rinasaeed, about which a lot of uproar has started. Till the time of writing the news, more than 1 lakh 92 thousand views have been received on the video. At the same time, more than 2 thousand people have also retweeted the post. Apart from this, hundreds of people have given their feedback. Twitter users are venting outrage over this post. Some people have also termed Humaira's antics as insane in the video.


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