Pak's army chief decides his tenure on his own, PM just does...

Aug 20 2019 05:29 PM
Pak's army chief decides his tenure on his own, PM just does...

Islamabad: The relationship between India and Pakistan has been very strained in the recent round of talks on the Jammu and Kashmir issue after the removal of Section 370. Pakistan Army Chief General Qamar Javed Bajwa's tenure has been extended for three years in view of the regional security environment amid the tense atmosphere between the two countries.

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Bajwa took over as Army Chief on November 29, 2016, and does not want to step down at a time when relations between Pakistan and India have reached the lowest level and the US is preparing to withdraw from Afghanistan. That is starting a new chapter in the state of the region. So even before the official announcement, Bajwa's stay was unquestionably predetermined, as the army chief in Pakistan determines the duration of his term.

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However, Prime Minister Imran Khan has signed an order extending his term. In a sense, it is Army Chief Bajwa who has decided on his term.  In any case, the entire command on Pakistan's internal situation is considered to be in Bajwa's hands, as he played a role in making Imran Khan the PM. Imran has been heavily criticized for not being elected but was elected with the help of the army.

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