Palak Kour Bijral India's Number one Rythmic Gymnast who made India proud many times.

Palak Kour Bijral India's Number one Rythmic Gymnast who made India proud many times.

*Palak Kour Bijral India's Number one Rythmic Gymnast who made India proud many times.*

People in India rarely know about Rhythmic Gymnastic an Olympics sport. People don't know how much an athlete works for it. They only see ribbons in hand and some girls and boys do flexible dancing. Well, it's not like that it is not only one of the toughest sport which we Indians don't know. It is the most underrated game in sports.

Many don't know competitive Gymnastic is divided into three categories. Women artistic Gymnastic, Men artistic Gymnastic, Women Rhythmic Gymnastics. People are familiar to Artistic Gymnastics, but people don't know about Rhythmic Gymnastics, which is also part of Olympics and women international sports since 1962.

Today we will talk about A girl who represented India many times in Rhythmic Gymnastic at International level; She is the most Successful Gymnast of India.

Palak Kour Bijral a PRO Rhythmic Gymnast of India. The most beautiful girl ever in Rhythmic Gymnastic who represented India, being a Rhythmic Gymnast, she has worked hard for hours. According to Palak Kour Bijral, it is the most delicate and beautiful sports. 2013 and 2014 were game-changing years for Palak. She participated in all the significant events around the world and made India proud. 

Palak Kour Bijral has represented India in Asian Rhythmic Gymnastics Championship, Tashkent-Uzbekistan from 3-9th June 2013. 

Then 32nd World Rhythmic Gymnastics Championship, Kiev- Ukraine from 28th Aug-1st Sep 2013. 

After representing India in two of the most significant events of the world in 2013. She got two more opportunities in the year 2014, FIG Rhythmic Gymnastics world cup at Tashkent-Uzbekistan from 20-25th May 2014, It was a dream come true for her when she was selected for the commonwealth games 2014 and got in the Team India Top-3 squad. 

Palak Kour Bijral was preparing hard since 2010, after attending multiple national coaching camps at Pune as core probable for the preparation of 19th commonwealth Games 2010 at New Delhi. She also represented India in 20th Commonwealth Games, Scotland from 23rd July-3 July 2014.

Well, a regular spectator probably will not realize how much effort she has given to achieve this much in life. It needs lots of control and Painstaking practice to master acrobatics and skills with balls, hoops, clubs, ropes and ribbons to become a world-class Rhythmic Gymnast.

Palak Kour Bijral gets only one chance to prove her skills when she competes. She has to showcase all her talent when she in on the floor all her hard work practice get once chance. If things get to mess up in between music is not stopped till it gets completes. Palak Kour Bijral has bravely performed under tremendous pressure at the international level.

It is the world's most beautiful sport, and Palak has always gracefully made India proud. But we feel she has not got the fame which she deserves; it is the most underrated sport in the world, especially in India.

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