Palestine applauds Belgium's decision to label Israeli settlements products

Palestine; Palestine has praised Belgium's decision to identify products from Israeli settlements in Palestinian territory as a "step in the right path." In a press statement issued on Wednesday, Palestinian Prime Minister Mohammed Ishtaye said Belgium's decision was based on the fact that Israeli settlements are "contrary to international laws and resolutions," and that the country is "aligned with the ideals of truth, justice, and freedom."

He urged governments throughout the world to "follow Belgium's lead by labelling Israeli settlement products, condemning settlement expansion, and acting to put pressure on Israel to stop the rising settlers' assaults on Palestinians." According to reports, the Belgian government decided on Wednesday to place clear labels on Israeli settlement items to show that the settlements are built on Palestinian property.

The Israeli Foreign Ministry, according to Israeli media reports, denounced the Belgian government's move, saying in a statement that "it damages both Israelis and Palestinians alike." In the 1967 Middle East war, Israel acquired control of the West Bank and has since erected dozens of settlements there. The international community considers such behaviour to be a violation of international law.

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